Kaleidoscope EP

by Mike Simonelli

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released August 28, 2012

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Mike Simonelli
Mastered by James Krivchenia
Artwork by Mike Simonelli

Thanks to Bradley Will, Ryan Simonelli, Adam Barth and Matt Fahey
for their ears and feedback.
Thanks to my parents for being supportive and letting me record loud things in their basement.



all rights reserved


Mike Simonelli Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I'd Like to Write a Story About Love
i would like to write
a beautiful story about love
sometimes even more than that
i'd like to live one

how do you find it?
can you keep it?
how's it feel when it's not there?
does it follow rhyme or reason?
how's it end?
Track Name: A Wish Made in a Dream
trying to explain
the tree in your hands
climbing to tie memories together

in the dream
i told you i was scared
you wouldn't be real again

i w i s h y o u w e r e r e a l a g a i n
Track Name: Time Travel is Dangerous
i'm back in time rewriting history
it seemed like a good idea at the time
because you're not here
Track Name: Man in the Planet
john fisk is getting tiered
lever is getting heavier

circle begins again

lifetime of waiting
no one's saving you
progress in question
is it worth it?
when will you find
it's your self that's been hiding
Track Name: Christmas Crawl
that night we crawled
i wish i stayed
thought i left for the stage
but maybe i just left for
the fear of
f u c k i n g t h i s u p
Track Name: All is Swell
i was hungry for 23 years
i ain't that hungry no more
she didn't seem to know
if she was hungry at all
i tried to feed her just the same
i told her
i didn't mind the wait
i don't mind the wait
all is swell
Track Name: So It Goes
we burned the treefort down
and it felt alright
but somehow I still I feel torn up
there's something more on my mind
Track Name: Searching for the Source
i'm torn up.
quartered by horses
spooked by a sound
searching for the source

was it your heart?
i heard that was a god I can trust
heard it was made out of strings to be pulled
well they sure get tied in knots
well maybe these puppets strings are all connected
searching for the source
Track Name: Skeptic
do you think that sun will rise tomorrow?
how can you be sure?
do you think that i will rise tomorrow?
who are you at sunset?
do you call a sun setting someones sunrising?
is it just dead and gone?
is there a fire burning in your eyes?
why do all fires need to burn alive to live and grow?

how do you know what you know
when all that you see is just seen from your window?

is it by fear
or is it by
l o v e
Track Name: Under the Canopy
under the canopy
in a net of patterns i see
in the camera's eye as she climbs the tree
in the light shinning over me
Track Name: Fixing a Clock
there ain't nothin wrong with love
and yes it'll tear holes out of your heart
but you better fill it up
cuz it's gonna stop beating
one of these days

and that's why i wish i knew how
to take the time back
rewind somehow
but time travel is dangerous
that shit ain't real
still i will dream

too young to feel used up
too old to be naive
held the hands of clock for so long
but time kept on moving on

now we're too old to be afraid
but too young to feel at ease
yet we knew we had to hold up the sun
because in that fire we are one